Consulting And Installation

Even if it's preparation, planning phase, after acceptance of construction work, or when renovating; we provide neutral and competent advice on the best method of bird control for your property.


  • Selection of a suitable bird control system based on effectiveness and visual discretion.
  • Expert reports on damage to existing buildings or a risk profile for buildings in the planning stage.
  • Preparation of proposals for optimising structures in the planning phase and preparation of a solutions concept.
  • Integration of the bird control system into the existing structural plans under the aspect of architectural structural design.


  • Professional installation of all bird control systems
  • Installation using the industrial climbing technology of the FISAT standard
  • Supervision of customer installation teams

Our installers and industrial climbers at work


Pigeon droppings disposal

Toni professionally removes pigeon dropping from buildings and industrial plants. If necessary, we utilize protective clothing, inhalation protection and decontamination procedures for disinfecting. The cleaning is carried out mechanically, this means that any other damage caused by long-term pigeon droppings (etching) cannot be rectified. The white flecks that usually remain can only be removed using the dry ice procedure. Dry ice cleaning is provided as an additional service.  

After cleaning, disinfection and pest control (in particular against pigeon ticks, bird fleas and bird mites) is carried out.